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Environment & Efficiency

Environmental sustainability is at the core of CSX’s value proposition. As the most fuel-efficient mode of freight transportation on land, rail will continue to enable significant emission reductions, while driving economic prosperity.

Fuel efficiencies of rail are good for CSX’s business, its customers and the environment. In 2016, CSX’s fuel efficiency improved, due primarily to shutting down extra locomotive power whenever possible, running longer trains, trailing unit shutdown and utilizing technology solutions. In 2021, CSX moved a ton of freight 533 miles on a single gallon of fuel on average.

CSX has a three-pronged approach to sustainability, which includes reducing the environmental footprint of operations, engaging openly on sustainability issues, and supporting sustainable developments. You can read CSX’s full Environmental Policy and Sustainability Statement.

To learn more about how CSX is providing a sustainable environmental solution, read our latest Environmental, Social and Governance Report.


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