Permitting: Utility, Wireless Infrastructure Installations and Rights of Entry

Accessing CSX property for any purpose requires permission. Any construction requires plan review, flagging and/or inspection, scheduling, and a signed Agreement from CSX. Safety is our overarching concern.

Utility Permits: Utilities that go over, across, or under the railroad tracks or CSX property. See separate section below for longitudinal occupancies (i.e. utilities paralleling tracks).

  • Wirelines – Electrical, Fiber, Cable, etc.
  • Pipelines – Water, Sewer, Gas, culverts, etc.
  • Small cell construction (complete the new Utility Application)

Rights of Entry Permits: Right of Entry access for temporary purposes ONLY. 

  • Surveying, Ingress/Egress, Inspection of bridges, roads, soil borings or sampling, wide load on operating track and/or property, and property remediation.
  • Environmental investigation, monitoring wells, soil testing, etc.

Wireless Infrastructure Permits: The construction of new or co-location of wireless equipment on CSX property.  

  • New tower construction
  • Co-location on existing CSX structures or third party structures 
  • Modifications to existing towers

Longitudinal Occupancy Permits: The construction of new utilities that run alongside (i.e. parallel) the railroad tracks and/or CSX property.

  • Wirelines – Electrical, Fiber, Cable, etc.
  • Pipelines – Water, Sewer, Gas, Culverts, etc.

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