Service Start-Up and Integration

From assessing service feasibility to loading rail cars safely to registering for eBusiness tools, your Service Start-Up Manager helps you complete critical pre-movement activities for a smooth, error-free business start-up.

If you've never shipped with CSX, take a moment to get acquainted.

New to Shipping by Rail?

If you are new to shipping by rail or haven’t shipped by rail from your facility in a while and need to re-activate service, contact CSX Service Start-Up using the form below.

We will need to ensure that:

  • Your facility is rail served and your track is serviceable.
  • CSX serves your location and can meet your service needs.
Changing Your Business Operations or Service Requirements?

If you already are a CSX customer but have a change to your business or operating environment – like expanding rail capacity or changing shipping patterns – contact Service Start-Up for a consultation. We'll help evaluate your changing needs and determine what adjustments need to be made to accommodate your changes.

Need a Rail-Served Site, or to Make Your Site Rail Ready?

Search our Industrial Development database for available Green Field sites or rail-ready commercial properties, or contact a Site Design Manager about developing or expanding rail infrastructure at your site. Visit Industrial Development

Contact CSX Service Start-Up

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