Get the specialized minerals service your business needs. With our scheduled railroading operating model, CSX can transport your commodity quickly and safety in the most cost-efficient manner possible. By uncovering your needs and working on customized solutions, the CSX Minerals team provides an essential value in your supply chain.

CSX moves:

Aggregates and other specialty stone: Aggregates, Construction Sand, Ground Limestone, Scrubber Limestone, Specialty Stone, and Metallurgical Stone.

Cement, fly ash (beneficial reuse) and slag: Cement, Portland and Hydraulic, Cement Clinker,
Fly Ash, and Slag.

Clay: Absorbent, Ball, Bentonite, Cat Litter, Catalytic, Kaolin, Fire and Feldspar.

Lime: Common, Quick, High-calcium, Dolomitic and Hydrated.

Salt: Rock Salt, Industrial Grade Salt.

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