Load Engineering and Design Services

CSX moves all types of freight and equipment safely and efficiently. Whether you're shipping paper, food products or heavy-duty machinery, you can be assured that your cargo is safe and secure with CSX.

Our Load Engineering and Design specialists will help you design loading patterns to protect your product from potential damage while getting the most out of your rail car capacity. When preparing to ship with CSX, contact LEADS to ensure that your product will be loaded safely and efficiently.

Loading Methods

For the safety of your employees, your customers employees, protection of your product, and the safety of the general public, CSX requires that shippers use the most current AAR-tested and approved loading, blocking and bracing methods.  All shippers must be compliant with the current Association of American Railroads (AAR) loading rules when shipping with CSX.  For more information see the CSXT 8100 Publication

The Association of American Railroads loading requirements are available online for free.

Opening and Closing Box Car Doors

CSX works hard to provide cars to customers that are in good working order. You can help! Watch this short video to learn how to prevent damage to box cars by properly opening and closing doors without forklifts or boom trucks. Watch video (WMV)

Reporting Mechanical Defects

CSX works hard to provide cars to customers that are in good working order.  If you receive a railcar that is damaged or leaking please notify CSX within or the ShipCSX Mobile App. 

Load Adjustment and Transfer Assistance

To ensure safety compliance inside CSX facilities, the link below contains contractors who are insured and safety certified for operating on CSX property. These contractors are educated on the proper handling of commodities for protection of your product and are able to assist with load adjustments, transfers and reductions.

Load Engineering and Design Services

CSX is an industry leader in providing quality transport of commodities in North America. CSX provides a comprehensive solution to customers shipment needs.  LEADS works with shippers to develop safe and new load securement solutions to fit customers needs.  Our field team investigates customer reported damages and in-transit load shifts to address quality concerns through root cause analysis. 

We utilize CSX wayside detector data, in-transit trend analysis, customer exception notices and freight clams data to analytically approach corrective countermeasures and targeted damage prevention initiatives.  Load Engineering and Design Services team members perform on-site training to shipping supervisors for AAR loading rules and requirements. 


Merchandise & Intermodal Open Top Automotive
CSX Merchandise & Intermodal team members work with customers to aid in converting shipments from truck to rail.  Our members hold leadership positions on the Association of American Railroads Freight Claims and Damage Prevention Committee (AAR FC&DP), and are active participants at The American Paper & Pulp Association (TAPPI), Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS), Southeast Association of Rail Shippers (SEARS), Northeast Association of Rail shippers (NEARS). CSX supports the machinery, military equipment, bulk products, forest products and building materials.  Our members hold leadership positions on the Association of American Railroads Open Top Loading Rule Committee (AAR OTLRC), Rail Industrial Clearance Association (RICA) and American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-way Association (AREMA28).  We are also active participants with the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST). CSX supports automotive industry initiatives by participating in the Multi-Level Pooling Executive Committee (MPEC), the task force on Vehicle and Equipment Quality (VEQ) and Specially Equipped Freight Car Committee (SEFCC).
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