eBusiness Tools

Use our secure tools for shipping transactions to make doing business fast and error-free.

  • ShipCSX — online tool available to registered users.
  • EDI — direct communication between your computer system and ours.

Learn more about transaction tools or register for ShipCSX.

Specialized tools for Short Line Partners
  • ISA (Interline Service Agreements): This secure ShipCSX tool shows your service agreement information and a scorecard so you can monitor delivery performance.
  • ISS (Interline Switch Settlement Statements) gives you a faster way to access your ISS statements on ShipCSX. (If you participate in tape exchange, the ISS statements on ShipCSX mirror the Railinc tape.)
    • Access your statements on the 5th of the month.
    • Download statements to whatever format you need.
    • Take exception to any cars on the statement.

You must be a registered ShipCSX user to access these tools. (Register here).

For eBusiness Support (ShipCSX or EDI Technical Help), call 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), options 2 - 1.

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