Embargoes are a method of controlling traffic movements when, in the judgment of the serving railroad, accumulations, threatened congestion or other interference with operation warrant temporary restrictions against such movements. For more details, visit AAR Embargoes Online.

Embargo Number: CSXT002523
Status: Effective
Effective Date: 06-13-2023
Expiration Date: 06-13-2024
Allow Permit: No
Tier 2 Effective Date: 06-16-2023
Original Effective Date:
Roads Invited to Participate:
Embargo Contact Email:
Bypass Local Waybills: No
Operating Station Notice: No
Effective Immediately: No
Include Empty Revenue Cars: No
Include All Empty Cars: Yes
Minimum Car Allowed:
Maximum Car Allowed:
Commodities: Target All Commodities
Included Locations:
Origin: *
Origin: *
Umler Equip. Type : Target All Umler Equipment Types
No Weight Restrictions
Except These Cars: No Cars In Exception List
Embargo/OPSL Umler Element Status: No Umler Element
Clearance Code: No Clearance Code
Waybill Parties:
Include Any of These Waybill Parties:
Consignee, Care Of Party - 1174445350000 - ANUVIA PLANT CITY LLC - null, PLANT CITY, FL
Include Missing Waybill Parties: No
Cause: Congestions/Accumulation
Cause Detail:
Note: Customer no longer in business


Shipping to Embargoed Locations Accepting Permits

If you have a shipment moving to an embargoed location that is accepting permits, you are required to:

  1. Obtain a permit number to authorize the shipment to the embargoed location.
  2. Provide a valid permit number and embargo number on shipping instructions (bill of lading).

New Policy Effective March 6, 2007: If you submit shipping instructions for a shipment moving to an embargoed location, but don't include valid embargo and permit numbers, the shipping instructions will not be accepted.

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