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Mechanical Shop Positions (maintain locomotives and rail car equipment)

The Mechanical Department inspects, repairs, and maintains freight cars and locomotives. This department is also responsible for clearing derailments involving railroad equipment. Mechanical experience, additional training and union membership is required for these employees responsible for car and locomotive operations. Select a job description below to learn more.

Mechanical Shop positions include:
  • Boilermaker: Renew and repair any system pertaining to boilers, tanks, and drums. See description
  • Carman: Build, inspect and repair railroad cars. See description
  • Diesel Mechanic: Inspect, service, repair and maintain diesel locomotives. See description
  • Diesel Mechanic - Coal Pier: Maintain and repair machinery and heavy equipment. See description
  • Pier Technician: Operate loading and unloading equipment at coal and ore piers and perform electrical and mechanical repairs. See description
  • Sheet Metal Worker - Pipefitter: Pipe-fit in shops, yards, buildings, and passenger coaches. See description
  • Toledo Dock Electrician: Perform electrical and mechanical installation and repairs. See description
  • Utility Worker: Service and clean locomotives, transport supplies between work and storage sites, and perform a variety of support and clean-up activities in locomotive and car repair areas. See description

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