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You can Catalogshopfor CSX logo premium items on-line. This site is managed by CSX's supplier, Helinger Advertising, and includes a downloadable catalogue for browsing available items.

Honoring the Miles

CSX is proud to offer a unique collection of awards available to commemorate your retirement. We recognize your contributions and commitment over the years and sincerely appreciate your dedication.

Customized items have been designed exclusively for CSX Retirees only. They include:

  • Lapel pin
  • Seiko watches
  • Custom rings featuring rail icons
  • Howard Miller Westbrook wall clocks etched with the CSX logo
  • Framed, hand-painted collages created using CSX historical icons and the option of a personalized photo.

View the collection by clicking here.

To place an order you will need to log in using your employee ID number and the password “csx”.

Please direct inquiries to