About Us

CSX Police Department

Report a Railroad Emergency:  1-800-232-0144

Our Mission Statement

Protect CSX personnel, critical infrastructure, property, and the public against criminal acts and the threat of terrorism and sabotage to preserve the safety, operational efficiency and brand of CSX.

Guiding Principles

Scheduled railroading is a model of how to run an effective railroad – one that meets customers’ needs, makes a profit, and provides a safe and rewarding work environment for its employees. It’s rooted in five guiding principles: Improving Customer Service, Controlling Costs, Optimizing Asset Utilization, Operating Safely, and Valuing and Developing Employees. These apply to the Police Department just as they do to any other facet of CSX.

Improving Customer Service
We believe everyone is our customer: the citizens of communities in which we operate, our business partners, and our employees. We strive to be as valuable to our customers as they are to us. We proactively communicate when we can’t meet our commitments and make sure every interaction with the customer is a good interaction.

Controlling Costs
Our goal is to invest judiciously to support safety and service levels, while eliminating underperforming assets and excessive administrative costs.

Optimizing Asset Utilization
For CSXPD, our Special Agents are our greatest asset. We strive to equip them for success, from the tools they use each day, to the information we provide to keep them safe. CSX Special Agents are assigned throughout the 23-state CSX operating network and work closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to amplify the efforts of all agencies in their territories.

Operating Safely
We strive to maintain 100% compliance with safety and operating rules 100% of the time to protect our employees, our customers’ freight, and the communities in which we operate.

Valuing and Developing Employees
We believe in the professional and personal development of all members of the Police Department. More importantly, we expect that CSX Special Agents treat everyone they encounter with dignity and respect.

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