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Colocation Services

ColoCSX: Premier Colocation Services for Business Critical Systems

ColoCSX is one of the most high-availability data center service providers in Northeast Florida, offering a complete package of cost-efficient data protection, privacy and security for all organization types. For businesses that rely on data availability, ColoCSX delivers peace of mind with unparalleled uptime and unmatched security.

What We Do

ColoCSX has been providing professional data center services to customers for more than 15 years, safeguarding business-critical information technology systems. With abundant resources and strong infrastructure assets, ColoCSX offers the reliability of facility, equipment, and redundant systems along with a focus on customer relations and long term customer loyalty. 

Who We Help

We offer customers a world-class facility and survivable hosting solution to protect mission critical systems. Our suite of services attract mid-to-large enterprise companies with mature IT environments who are in need of a highly available, reliable and secure data center service. Our onsite engineers and staff are the experts who set our service apart and protect your data 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The ColoCSX team is motivated, customer focused and delivers the best in customer service.

The State-of-the-Art Data Center

Purposefully built and progressively designed, our data center represents the highest survivability and security standards available. The distinct attributes and business advantages of the facility include power, network, physical security, and competitive pricing. The industrial-strength infrastructure of the CSX data center is supported by three dedicated commercial power transformers on a radial loop configuration that supplies the 40,000 square feet of colocation raised floor space with six megawatts of power. With optimal power density capabilities and advanced network connectivity design, ColoCSX is well equipped to host and protect the computing infrastructures of today’s enterprise.


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