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Agreement Billing and Payment

For questions about your bill or to make special payment arrangements, please refer to the Billing & Collections section of Contact Us. (PDF) (updated 09/20/2022)

  • To pay with credit card, complete the Credit Card Authorization form (PDF) (updated 01/21/2011), and fax it to 904-245-2985.
  • To set up recurring payments via electronic funds transfer, complete the Electronic Payment Authorization form (PDF) (updated 06/19/2012), and fax to 904-245-2985.
  • To pay by check, include the bill number and/or agreement number, and make payable to CSX Transportation Inc.
Agreement Copies
  • For $50, we will provide an additional copy of your agreement and map. Please include the existing CSX Contract Number on submittals. If the Contract Number is unknown, we will research your agreement. Please provide any documents pertaining to the following: correspondence detailing contract date; contract holder; physical address; latitude; longitude; DOT Road Crossing, railroad milepost; size and use of existing agreement on CSX property. An aerial map is preferred.
  • You can pay by check made payable to CSX Transportation Inc., or by completing the Credit Card Authorization form (PDF) (updated 01/21/2011).

Submit requests by any method listed in Contact Us. (PDF) (updated 09/20/2022)

If you are not the current contract holder, you must include a certified letter from the contract holder giving CSX permission to provide you with a copy.

Questions? Please refer to the Billing & Collections section of Contact Us. (PDF) (updated 09/20/2022)

Name/Address Change Notification

If your company has merged or changed names, the following is required:

  • A completed Name Change Request (PDF) (updated 1/8/2016). Name Change Instructions (PDF) (updated 12/15/2015)
  • A nonrefundable $50 processing fee (If paying by check, make it payable to CSX Transportation Inc.). Name change fee is capped at a total of $2,500.00.
  • Documents evidencing name change, including but not limited to, Amended Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Merger, or a letter on company letterhead signed by a vice president or above.
  • For Address Changes submit the Company Name, Agreement Number(s), Former Address, and New Address to the email, fax, or address located in Contact Us. All Name Change Fees apply to Address Changes.

Submit by any method listed in Contact Us. (PDF) (updated 09/20/2022)

  • If you are faxing or emailing, put "Name Change Request" in the subject line, and attach the completed Credit Card Authorization (PDF)  (updated 01/21/2011).
  • If you are sending via U.S. mail, put "Attn: Name Change Request" on the envelope, and include the check or completed Credit Card Authorization  (PDF)  (updated 01/21/2011).
Assignment Notification

To request assignment of agreement(s) to another party, the following is required:

  • A completed Assignment Application (PDF) (updated 1/8/2016). Assignment Instructions (PDF)(updated 12/15/2015)
  • A nonrefundable $500 processing fee (If paying by check, make the check payable to CSX Transportation Inc.). There is no processing fee for Sidetrack or Track Lease Agreements.
  • A copy of the original contract. (Copies of all your agreements with CSXT may be purchased as outlined in Agreement Copies section above.)

Submit by any method listed in Contact Us. (PDF) (updated 09/20/2022)

If the processing fee is not included, the application will not be processed. CSXT reserves the right to withhold approval on any and all assignments.

For CSXT purposes, both the proposed Assignor and proposed Assignee must be available to execute the assignment documents. If the proposed Assignor is not available, a New Agreement or an Acknowledgement and Acceptance Agreement (PDF) must be prepared. For Acknowledgement and Acceptance Agreements follow the same Assignment Notification process. For new Agreements see the Buying or Leasing Property or Permitting section.

Assignment Process:
  • Once the required documents and processing fees have been received, the agreement information will be researched for current status and to identify CSXT's contract number.
  • An Assignment and Amendment package will be sent to all parties for execution.
  • All insurance certificates, fees, and executed documents must be received before CSXT will consent to the Assignment.
  • Once the assignment package is executed by all parties, originals will be sent to all parties.
Assignment Costs:
  • Actual costs for assignment will be determined by CSXT.
  • The average cost for an assignment is $1,000 per agreement. (There are additional fees for expedited handling. Please see the assignment instructions included in the assignment application for additional information regarding expedited handling.)
  • The processing fee(s) will be deducted from the assignment fees when the assignment has been executed by all parties.
Termination/Cancellation Notification

To request termination/cancellation of your agreement, the following is required:

  • Contract number
  • Contract date
  • Customer name
  • Contact name, phone, address, email
  • Reason for termination
  • Date that railroad property will be properly vacated (lessee/licensee-owned improvements, facilities, and/or encroachments removed) in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations or requirements.

Submit by any method listed in Contact Us.  (PDF) (updated 09/20/2022)

The cancellation effective date will be calculated based on language in the termination provisions of the agreement. Prior to any termination request, Lessee/Licensee-owned improvements must be properly removed from CSXT property in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations or requirements, and the property restored to a condition satisfactory to CSXT.

Bankruptcy Notification

Direct all bankruptcy notifications to:
CSX Corp.
Credit Department, J240
500 Water St.
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Scheduling Activity

See the Scheduling Activity page located in the Permitting: Utility Installations and Rights of Entry section for details on scheduling activity on CSXT property.

Contact Us

Use any method indicated below to contact us:

Contact Us (PDF) (updated 09/20/2022)


Fax: 904-245-2985

U.S. Mail:
CSX Transportation, Inc.
Attn: Contract Management, J-180
500 Water Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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