Manufactured Goods

Moving consumer goods – from appliances to mulch – is more economical and environmentally sound when done by rail instead of truck. CSX works with many leading consumer products manufacturers to improve their supply chains and customize transportation solutions.

The U.S. has the most efficient and cost-effective rail system in the world, moving tens of millions of consumer goods each year. The 20,000-mile CSX network is positioned to serve the manufactured goods industry’s growing demand for rail service, including through interline connections to Mexico.

CSX and rail can offer tremendous saving to consumer products shippers and receivers. It’s also approximately four times more energy-efficient than other transportation methods — one CSX train can transport a ton of freight 533 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

Adding rail to your transportation options is most effective when:

  • Distance – over 500 miles
  • Product Weight – heavier to maximize the railcar
    • Average truck to rail ratio is 3.5:1
    • Railcars can carry from 70-100 lading tons
  • Product dimensions – rail can handle unique sizes sometimes better than truck, heavy or light

Even if you don’t have track at your origin or destination, we can still help incorporate rail into your supply chain through a large network of CSX-served warehouses that provide rail-to-truck transfers for non-rail-served receivers.

Find out if rail is right for you by contacting our Manufactured Goods team. They will work with you to perform an analysis of your current supply chain to determine if rail can save you money.

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