Other Transportation Services

Learn about requesting clearance, assistance with customs, and whom to contact with a change in business operations when shipping by rail.

Reporting Shipment Problems

Use the ShipCSX Shipment Problem Resolution tool to inquire about shipping problems, such as a delayed car or shipment, switching issue or bad-order car. This tool, which can replace phone calls, allows you to submit inquiries directly to the Customer Service problem-resolution team via ShipCSX. Learn more

Dimensional/Clearance Handling

Your shipment is considered "dimensional" and requires special clearance handling if it is:

  • More than 11 feet high
  • More than 11 feet wide
  • More than 60 feet long
  • Shorter than 18 feet long (a "concentrated" load)
  • Heavier than 150,000 pounds.

Learn more about dimensional shipments.

For dimensional rate quotes, call 800-581-5049. Have questions? Email

Customs and Security

Get assistance with Customs and Security for shipments to and from Canada and Mexico, ensuring that your transborder shipments are secure and delay-free.

Customs and Security

Publications and Tariffs

Publications and tariffs govern terms and conditions of carriage, and charges for supplemental services.

CSXT 8100 Publication: Supplemental services, and terms and charges for general merchandise shipments.
Tariff 8200: Coal and unit train services.
Tariff 4049: Supplemental pricing for rail security-sensitive materials.
Intermodal Service Directory 1: Rules governing intermodal transportation services arranged by CSXT.

ShipCSX, EDI or other eBusiness tools

CSX requires that you use eBusiness tools for shipment transactions. Our eBusiness tools are available in several formats.

  • Learn about CSX eBusiness tools.
  • If you need assistance with eBusiness tools, call 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), option 2.
Change in Operations or Service Requirements

If you already are a CSX customer but have a change to your business operations or service requirements – like expanding rail capacity or changing shipping patterns – contact our Service Start-up and Integration team. We'll help evaluate your changing needs and determine what adjustments need to be made to accommodate your changes. Learn more

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