Supplier Recognition is a tool used to encourage results and reward performance in Procurement & Supply Chain (P&SC) activities within the supply base. Suppliers who are partners with P&SC will be measured not just on their ability to perform their contracted duties, but also by the additional value and productivity they bring beyond the contract in four areas: Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Customer Service Excellence and Strategic Value.

The P&SC leadership team will evaluate supplier nominations based on the measurement criteria below. Suppliers do not have to meet all criteria; however, they should excel in one of the areas to be selected.

  • Innovation
    A new product, service or enhancement that provides efficiency, savings, sustainability or reduced waste.
  • Customer Service Excellence & Partnership
    Suppliers who go "above and beyond" the value of a contract. They invest in customer support and think of CSX needs.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
    Suppliers who invest in the community through Trees for Tracks, Supplier Diversity, waste reduction or internal employee programs.
  • Strategic Value
    A supplier relationship that provides long-term benefit in Quality, Price or Delivery. Suppliers in this category help sustain CSX material or service needs for the future.


1)  The Customer Service Excellence & Partnership award recognizes suppliers who go above and beyond the value of a contract by providing exceptional service, product support and commitment to CSX.

CSX is recognizing Arrow Materials for the Customer Service Excellence & Partnership Award.

Click here to see their video recognition:


Thank you Arrow Materials for the great relationship and the value your organization brings to CSX every day.

Our runner-up this year is RCL Burco, who has been an active leader in driving service, support and savings to CSX.

2)  The Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability award recognizes suppliers who partner with CSX to develop more sustainable and transparent operations and processes that consider not only our environmental, social and economic impacts but also the communities we serve.

CSX is recognizing Lexmark for the Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability award.

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Our runner-up this year is Cranemasters for its support of 50 CSX City Year & Trees for Tracks community events since 2009. The 50th event will be in Willard, Ohio this summer.

3)  The Innovation award recognizes suppliers who deliver innovative solutions to CSX that enable us to improve the service we provide to our customers and streamline our operations.

CSX is recognizing GE Transportation for its innovative partnership in the development of Trip Optimizer.

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Our runner-up this year is Plasser American Corporation, who partnered with CSX to design and create a new model tamper with enhanced efficiency.

See our Supplier Recognition Ad (PDF)

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