Plan Your Shipment

Get pricing and scheduling information, and order empty cars for loading. CSX eBusiness tools can get you started.

Confirm Rail Service Feasibility

If you are new to rail shipping or haven’t shipped by rail from your facility in more than 6 months, we need to make sure that your facility is rail served and your track is serviceable. Contact the Service Start-Up team member in your area.

Get a Price
  • If you are not a current CSX customer but would like pricing information, contact our Merchandise Sales team at
  • For coal shipment prices, contact a coal representative.
  • For dimensional/clearance moves, call 904-359-1581.
  • For intermodal shipments, go to .
  • Registered ShipCSX customers can log in to use the Price Lookup tool to see active carload prices, supporting documentation, price lists and other reference material. Log in to ShipCSX
Look Up Schedules

Use public access ShipCSX Service Schedules to get scheduled transit times for moves between any CSX-served locations or for the CSX portion of an interline move. You will need to know the shipment origin city and state, and the destination city and state.

Registered ShipCSX users can use the secure access service schedules tool to find transit schedules from specific shipper locations and/or to specific receiver locations when you log in. This gives you a more accurate schedule showing actual service from a shipper's dock to a receiver's dock. Log in to ShipCSX

Look Up Junctions

Use the Preferred Junction Lookup to find the most efficient junctions for exchanging traffic with CSX's connecting carriers.

Load Product Safely

The CSX Load Engineering and Design Services team is widely recognized as one of the best in the business. Get more information and contacts.

Order Cars for Loading

Order cars with the secure ShipCSX Car Order. ShipCSX allows you to order all of your cars at any time of day, and you get immediate on-screen confirmation of your order. Learn more or Log in to ShipCSX

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